As the newly formed subsidiary of KHG Holdings, KHG Development is an upcoming quality property developer with a professional and customer-focused approach.

Committed to projects that improve living standards in Yangon, bringing them on a par with Singapore by thoughtful planning design concept and construction, KHG Development delivers high-end properties that embrace modernity and yet have enduring appeal. It does this by selecting land in prime locations and employing highly regarded project consultants to provide some of the best real estate opportunities on the market.

Beyond this, KHG believes strongly in planning, designing and creating buildings that engender a sense of belonging. Rather than just a residence, KHG aims to deliver community-oriented properties which shape and enrich the life experience of every resident. The company’s dedication to this ideal is evidenced in the freehold ownership, for both the building and the land, that it gives to those investing in its properties. This is why - as a premier real estate developer - KHG Development should be YOUR lifestyle choice.