KHG Development Co Ltd is the property development arm of KHG Holdings which is a financial holding entity founded in Myanmar and Singapore in 1990. With an impressive track record spanning 24 years, KHG Holdings has established a solid foundation in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia and Southern China. It is the driving force behind well-recognised local and international brands like Good Morning bread, Amico layer cake, Fresko, Special & Orchid tissues and MB biscuits, as well as being the sole distributor of Munchy Biscuit.

Besides major business activities in the manufacturing and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, KHG Holdings has also garnered a strong position in other sectors with the Buy Now retail chain (phone shops), Singtech (smartphones, tablets & laptops), Blue Diamond cigarettes, and the packing and distribution of LPG gas for both domestic and industrial use. Additionally it is the appointed dealer of Samsung smartphones.