Mr Kyi Soe

KHG Development’s Co-Founder & Chairman, Mr Kyi Soe has over 35 years of local and international trading experience in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia and China. He is the brainchild behind the famous household name, Good Morning bread and is responsible for a number of other renowned brands such as Orchid Tissue, Flavor cigarette brands and Singtech electronic gadgets.

He is a leader with clear direction for all his companies’ growth paths. With Mr Kyi Soe’s vision, KHG is now forging an excellent reputation for luxury property development. It is doing this, as it does for all its operations by aspiring to and reaching international standards through constant engagement with international consultants and experts in all related fields.

I’ve always held firm to the philosophy of mutually rewarding experiences for all
parties, a fact applicable to all KHG’s business ventures. Real estate development
of the highest standards is an exciting new chapter in our company’s history